Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

A shot above
Drawing on Leica's professional optical design, with a Xiaomi x Leica co-engineered Summicron lens and integrating century-old authentic Leica optics into brand new smartphone imaging technology. Take photography to the next level and empower your smartphone with the photographic creativity of a camera, for recording the authenticity of every moment.
Quad camera system with Leica optical lens
Large aperture across all focal lengths
Snapshots across all focal lengths
Night shots across all focal lengths
Professional experience across all focal lengths
Classic Leica camera design
Simplicity, with no detail lost. Pleasing to the eye and durable.
Leica Fastshot mode
Hyperfocal distance shooting Set the focal distance in advance, then simply raise your hand, click, and admire the final result.
Long-lasting 5000mAh (typ) battery
90W wired turbocharging
50W wireless turbocharging
Flagship Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2
Boosted performance, reduced power consumption
Innovative Loop LiquidCool technology
Variable aperture 1-inch main camera
A 50MP 1-inch primary camera and a 2-stop variable aperture of f/1.9 and f/4.0 give you more possibilities to unleash your creative freedom.
Professional-grade WQHD+ display
Incredible color accuracy, brightness, and color depth
IP68 water and dust resistant
Keeping your device both classy and durable.
The compact design is simple but not plain and is pleasing to the eye with its seamless integration.
Three-layer visual design.
Streamlined flowing design.
Exquisite finishing touches
The newly designed mid-frame is 4.4 times stronger than the previous generation. Stunning golden ring camera decoUnibody metal frame.
Built to last
The surface of the back cover is made of second-generation nano-tech material, which has the functions of antibacterial, anti-fouling, anti-yellowing, etc., and the bacterial inhibition rate can reach up to 99%, which is competent to face any shooting environment.
Second-generation nano-tech material.
IP68 dust and water-resistant.
Quad camera, six focal lengths
20x zoom for maximum photographic creativity

The four lenses of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra not only cover the 12–120mm range of focal lengths but also provide two extended focal lengths enabled by the In-sensor-zoom function, which allows the four cameras to have six focal lengths, capable of producing coherent images. They can all produce 12.5MP photos, delivering a smooth image creation experience.
Switch between Leica's wide-angle, telephoto, and super telephoto lenses
Three lenses, all unanimously acclaimed

All lenses are powered with the next-generation Sony IMX858 sensor for easy switching, delivering an exceptional shooting experience.
Unleash the large aperture
Night shots across all focal lengths

The four Leica optical lenses are all equipped with super-large apertures for greater light intake. On top of this, the telephoto lens has been greatly improved in its performance with dark backgrounds. Even when the subject is hidden in the dark from a distance, details of light and shadow can be accurately restored, resulting in an image that is exceptionally clear.



Published : 06-Sep-2023 08:20 AM
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