Verified Online Membership

Verified and Premium members are users that have submitted documents and references to verify their business.

Multi-Vendor B2B Portal Capabilities

Each Seller using our B2B marketplace should be allowed to easily manage their own company details.

Independent Mobile Buyer

Buy directly from someone who put their heart and soul into making something special.

Edit Purchase Orders

B2B buyers can change their payment method, their delivery method, shipping address, payment terms, etc.

Self-Service B2B Pricing

B2B sellers can manage their personalised pricing for their Clients.

Filtering and Search Mobile Navigation

Mobi-Hub Allow users to filter by brands, price range, availability as well as custom attributes created by the Seller.



What you'll get

  • 1 Post per day
  • 1 Order per day
  • 1 Invoice per day
  • No Advance Filter
  • Grading not Available
  • No Account Manager
  • Verified badge
  • Access to verified marketplace
  • Filter verified traders



What you'll get

  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Send Invoice
  • Advance Filter
  • Grading for product
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Verified badge
  • Access to verified marketplace
  • Filter verified traders

Dedicated Online Virtual Sales Manager

We act as your online Virtual Sales Manager and accountability to manage sales and pipeline activity, keeping sales reps on task and preventing any deviation from the sales process. We make sure all the essentials are being covered with a marketing strategy in place for the best chance to close the deal.

A one-of-a-kind B2B Community

We create convenience by providing social business interactions on our web-app. Mobi-Hub is the web based solution which provides better, swifter and more convenient ways of trading according to the forever changing online business needs.

Peace of Mind E commerce

From years of experience, our team understands that security is vital in any online business interaction as well as an honest and dependable way of dealing with unexpected controversy. Our team conduct thorough background checks, with verified references on all Verified members, and if you ever need assistance, we are always ready to give you our support.

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